Media Coverage


  • “Drawing the Oakland Teachers’ Strike”, KQED, article by Gabe Meline, 22 Feb 2019 (see more)
  • “This Is What It Looks Like When Teachers Organize”, Mother Jones photo essay by Rosa Furneaux, 22 Feb 2019 (see more)
  • “‘Out Here Because I Love Teaching’: The Oakland Teachers Strike, In Photos”, In These Times photo essay by Brooke Anderson, 21 Feb 2019 (see more)
  • “Oakland Students Rise for Teachers”, AJ+, 21 Feb 2019 (watch video)
  • “Boots Riley Spoke at the Oakland Teacher Strike; Here’s what he said”, KQED Arts, article by Nastia Voynovskaya, 26 Feb 2019 (see more)
  • Show Your Support for Oakland Teachers on Strike, Daily Cal, Feb 26, 2019 (see more)

Small Protestors at CA State Building | #YRmedia

"Oakland, stand by me": Watch elementary-school kids protest at a state building today to support the #OaklandTeachersStrike. Rice and Beans Childcare Cooperative Abundant Beginnings Sama Sama Cooperative Oakland Education Association Californians For Justice – Oakland #OUSDstrike #redfored

Posted by YR Media on Wednesday, February 27, 2019

In this video by Rafael Casal see why Mahershala Ali, the Cast of Blindspotting, Stephen Curry, Daveed Diggs and more are supporting the Teachers’ Strike in Oakland!


  • “Paycheck Propositions: What Oakland Teachers Want Versus What the District Is Offering,” KQED post by Matthew Green, 1 Mar 2019 (read more)
  • “Wave of teacher strikes in California points to the desperate need for Prop. 13 reform”, Los Angeles Times article by Jennifer Ayala, 28 Feb 2019 (read more)
  • “Teachers from San Francisco, Berkeley, elsewhere join picketing peers in Oakland”, SFGate post by Ashley McBride, 28 Feb 2019 (read more)
  • “‘They are the backbone of our society.’ OUSD parents tell us why they support the strike,” East Bay Majority post by Stephanie Hung, 27 Feb 2019 (read more)
  • “Oakland School District Boosts Wage Offer”, 27 Feb 2019 (read more)
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  • Council President Kaplan Requests Gov Newsom Waive OUSD Loan, 22 Feb 2019 (read more)
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  • “Oakland Teachers Are Striking Against Billionaire Privatizers”, Jacobin Magazine article by Eric Blanc, 21 Feb 2019 (read more)
  • Oakland Principals Association Asks District to Close Schools During Strike — “Oakland School Leaders: Safety Key Concern We Stand With Teachers”, United Administrators of Oakland Schools press release, 21 Feb 2019 (read more)
  • “School Administrators Bound for Sacramento for Lobbying Trip as Teachers Strike Looms”, NBC Bay Area, 20 Feb 2019 (read more)
  • “How A Handful of Pro Charter Billionaires Flooded Oakland’s School Board Elections with Big Time Cash”, East Bay Express piece by Darwin BondGraham (read more)