The strike may go through all next week. Make your plans now on what to do with your children. And then think about HOW you can support other parents in this time.
The strike will end faster if we keep our kids OUT of school and do not call them in sick. 
Help your school community by supporting solidarity schools. You only need 2-5 volunteers to help run the sites and it will provide a safe space for parents that do not have childcare and want to support the strike. REC CENTERS ARE AVAILABLE TO USE – TO START YOUR OWN SOLIDARITY SCHOOL – IF YOU BRING YOUR OWN VOLUNTEERS.
Here is what it looks like to run a solidarity school (SO EASY!):
– Call or stop by your local Parks and Rec center and tell them you want to use the site for a solidarity school you are starting.
– Send 2 to 5 parents in shifts to help play games, lead activities, read to kids, etc.
– Help order food for the site (Bread for Ed has funds or food they can drop off to you)
– Bring supplies for kids
– Recruit other parents to offer support (dance sessions, music, art, anything!)
– Strive for a “1 adult to 10 kids” ratio but remember our teachers do 1:25 everyday!
– Go to your child’s school or a nearby school in the morning on Monday and hand out flyers letting parents/teachers on the picket line know you have spots open for kids at your solidarity school at X rec center from 8am-3pm…so they can spread the word to others!

‘Solidarity Sites’ are an option of last resort for parents without flexibility with their job or childcare. We know there are some parents who cannot miss work, and we want all students to have a safe space to go.

These solidarity sites are not a replacement for school. So we need to ensure that these spaces are ONLY for students who have no alternative.

How do I find a Solidarity Site if I need a safe space for my kids?

For the safety of Oakland’s kids, we are directing all parents to find out the available solidarity sites through their school communities. Information will also be available at the picket line of your child’s school.

Is it true that Oakland Parks and Rec Centers are open daily during the strike?

The list of Rec Centers that the City circulated – claiming the centers will be staffed by OEA – is false. The truth is, Rec centers will not be staffed by the City or by OEA. Community and parents are working with some sites to offer Solidarity Sites to their school communities.