Photography by Brooke Anderson

Photography by Brooke Anderson

All of our kids deserve strong public schools that help them to thrive – with better learning conditions, critical student supports and strong teachers that can afford to stay. That’s why Oakland students and parents stand with our teachers in fighting for: smaller classes, livable wages, increased student support, and keeping neighborhood schools open!

Oakland teachers have been bargaining for a new contract, with no significant offer from OUSD, for nearly two years, and so they will go on strike – this Thursday, Feb 21st. We are asking families to support the teachers in a number of ways – most importantly, by honoring the picket lines and keeping our kids out of school for the entire duration of the strike. This is how we put pressure on the district to resolve the contract as quickly as possible.

This won’t be easy, especially in working class communities of color, and immigrant and refugee communities where many parents, like our teachers, are already working multiple jobs to make ends meet. We understand and support all of our parents – who will support this effort in the ways that they can. The need to honor the strike and ‘interrupt business as usual’ is critical because so many of our students have been left behind! Our low-income communities continue to be hardest hit by: the district’s proposed plan to close 24 schools; decades of disinvestment and mismanagement; and the expansion of charter schools that have drained millions from OUSD students. There is strength in numbers – we must unite with our teachers, students and community to demand a new contract for our teachers and a new future for our students! A successful strike will put us one step closer to winning equity and justice for our highest-need students!